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180                                  FESTIVALS OBSERVED  IN MATHUE&.   -
Asdrli (June—July).
7.    Asdrh Sudi 2.—Rath-jatra,
8.    Asdrh Sudi 11.—Principal perambulation of Mathuri and Brads-ban
before the god takes his fonr months* sleep ;  called jugal jori M parikramd.
The people start early in the morniag either from the Visrant, or some other
Ghat nearer their home, and after passing by the Sarasvati kund continue
their way for about a mile along the Delhi road. The majority then make a
straight cat across to Biin<ia-ban? while the others go on first to the Garur
Gobind shrine at Chhatikra. This is the longest perambulation made and is
said to be of 20 ko&* Ail return to Hathura the same day ; any one who fails to
do so being thought to lose the whole benefit of his pilgrimage.
9.    Asdrh full moon.—Byas-puno.   In the morning the Guru is formally
reverenced ;  in the  evening there are •wrestling matches, and the Pandits
assemble on the hills or house-tops  for the ; pavan pariksha,* or watching of
the wind ; from which they predict when the rains will commence and what
sort of a season there will be.   When the wind is from the north, as it was in
1879, it is thought to be a good sign ; and certainly the rain that year was
Srdvan (July—August),    .
10.    Sravan Sudi 3.—Commonly called Tij Jca mela.    "Wrestling matches
near the temple of Bhutesvar Mahadeva.
11.    SrctTctn Sudi 5.—The Panch Tirath mela begins,    A pilgrimage starts
from the Visn'uit Ghat for Madhu-ban ; proceeds on the next day to San-
tanu kund at Satoha and the Gyan-bauli near the Kate; on the third day to
Gokarnesvar ; on the fourth to the shrine of Garur Gobind at Chhatikra* and
on the fifth to the Brahm kund at Brinda-ban.
12.    £rdvan Sudi 11.—Perambulation of Mathura and Pavitra-dhdran, or
offering of Brahmanical threads to the Thakur,
13.    Srdvan  full   moon,—The  Saluno or Raksfaa-bandhan.    Wrestling
matches in different orchards near the temple of BMtesvar.
3hddon (August—September).
14.    Bluidcn Badi 8.—Janm Ashtanii; Krishna's birthday.    A fast till
* Chhatikm, on the BeHi road, was founded by Macu, Jama, and Bor, three KachwaMs,
-ho are said to have come from Ril fourteen generations, i.e., about 300 years a^o,